Celebrating Spring

Spring is especially welcome this year and I’m celebrating with a brand-new website, crafted with the incredible and much appreciated skill of Evan Wei-Haas in design and Greg Illes in writing. The new site aims to clarify and showcase what I actually make here in my Santa Cruz warehouse studio.

When I moved into the space over 25 years ago, I set it up for doing the large-scale stained glass commissions I was currently working on. The 30’ tall walls were perfect for  making larger-than-life figure drawings.  Using ladders and scaffolding, I tacked charcoal  working- drawings up on the walls, starting at 12’ from the floor. I can tell you from that experience that you should always draw a person’s head bigger than “normal” because otherwise it will look like a “pin head”  when you see it 20’ higher than ground level.

Over the years the studio has reconfigured itself to accommodate new projects, processes and materials.  I took over an adjacent space for the Tile Art that has become a major part of my work. The space houses a large vibrating table to shake out air bubbles hiding in the concrete mix, a huge hand-held “egg beater” that can stir up 50 pounds of concrete at a time, numerous bins of sand, aggregate and admixtures, plus racks for air-drying the tiles as they come out of the molds.

The studio is a work -in-progress....hardly a pristine gallery space.  But if you’d like to see where art gets made, please get in touch and we’ll find a time to show you around.

Evan Wei-Haas