St. Joseph’s Monastery of the Poor Clares

Eight long windows in the public chapel of St. Joseph’s Monastery illustrate aspects of the Franciscan spiritual life. In designing the windows, Susan chose an artistic approach that would be a commentary on St. Francis, St. Clare and their followers. 

“As I came to know the Poor Clares through time spent working together, I was deeply impressed by their unadorned, harmonious strength and warmth. Their attitude in our conversations was always direct, gentle, light, and touched with compassionate humor.  These are qualities I sought to convey in the chapel windows...a quietness conducive to a rich interior life.”

In addition to creating artwork and liturgical furnishings throughout the chapel and adjacent Mass Choir, Susan served as the coordinator for artisans contributing to the beauty of the worship space. She traveled to Assisi, Italy to work with a local quarry on designs for an altar made from the pink limestone famous in the area. When it arrived in California a few months later, Susan arranged for men from a local power lifting club to place the 2000 pound altar stone on its pedestal.

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