The term Architectural Art Glass is used to describe a broad variety of design treatments that are an integrated part of a building's structure. Typically, Architectural Art Glass will be seen in windows and doorways; however, passageways and interior walls are also fertile ground.Architectural Art Glass can take many forms, from nearly clear to translucent to nearly opaque. In addition, there are hundreds of choices of glass colors and textures. These include iridescent tints, beaded and striated surfaces, and many, many others.

Incorporation of this art form into an office or residence changes the very soul of the building. A dazzling array of hues, the gleaming rainbows of diamond-cut images, beveled edges and opalescent tones, all are part of Susan's pallet of techniques. The results are always one-of-a-kind "signature statements" that set a place apart, and give it a uniqueness that will last through time.