What exactly is "TILE ART"?

Tile Art is a way of transforming what would be a "pretty" installation into a beautifully striking surface. Tile Art can be deployed on virtually any dry vertical surface, and will often find its way into kitchen or bar backsplashes. Entryways, fireplace surrounds and separator walls can also be wonderful locations for an artistically-accented statement.

Tile Art is based on glass and brilliantly-finished cast stone (concrete), providing a range of colors and textures including a palette of lustrous metallics. An expanding selection of styles and sizes are combined in imaginative ways, creating diversity and a full custom look.  Themes can range from Modern to Rustic to Zen, or anywhere in between. Tiling is also modular, allowing it to be applied in small or large areas. 

Each tile is hand-made to order, in color combinations to complement  the surrounding environment.  For certain large-scale projects, it may be possible to design a tile with a company logo or thematic statement.